Collage 2017 Big Cats

Miriam’s Art is pleased to exhibit her best Big Cats pastel paintings for 2017.  Which one is your favorite one?  Please comment!  Enjoy!

You can see the development of my style in 2017.  I started out with close ups or the head and progressed to action paintings of these beautiful big cats.  The mountain lion is considered a big cat because of it’s prowess while hunting even though it doesn’t roar like the rest of the big cats.  Other lesser cats don’t have the mechanisms in their throats to roar.  That’s how big cats are defined.

I have spent a lot of time painting big cats.  These majestic creatures deserve attention.  I have also painted birds and forest animals as well as pet portraits.  My first choice in painting is the snow leopard however.  It is my totem animal.

I have progressed much in my healing journey during 2017.  I went from not being aware that I was ill to self healing with the help of a counselor and books.  I was encouraged by family to heal although it was a hard wake up call.  I didn’t realize how sick I was until a family member pointed it out to me.  It was hard listening to their comments.  But they were right.  Listen to your loved ones and try to do as they ask.  If you can’t then speak with your therapist or counselor and make a plan that will help you do as your family asks.  Listen to your therapist’s and counselor’s advice and work towards healing and being better.  If you suffer from anxiety think of your fear.  Then think of the belief behind that fear.  Rate both the fear and the negative belief on a scale from one to ten.  Then write down a positive counter statement.  Like they aren’t interested in you or that has never happened in the past.  Then rate your belief in that positive counter statement.  If it is high enough it will bring down your fear and your initial belief in that negative thought.  Then rate the subsequent emotion.  For me it is relief.  Sometimes I rate this as a 6/10 but more often than not I rate it was a 2/10 for I am still anxious.  But there is a feeling of relief.  Do this repeatedly and record it.  Writing it down makes it more real and you will heal faster.  Then you can also go back and look at how your belief in the initial negative belief has gone down.

Hopefully I can help others heal.  That is one of my 2017 goals.  My art soothes my tattered soul.  It gives me a sense of relief and I forget all my troubles.  My writing of my book gives me a release as I express my fears.  My writing of this blog gives me a sense of purpose in that I may be able to help one of you deal with your anxiety with my life as an example.

Happy New Year.  Write down some New Year’s Resolutions.  But not too many and be realistic.  Remember don’t drink and drive.  And if you are on medication don’t drink! Drinking with medication can increase the side effects and/or decrease it’s effectiveness so be careful!  All the best for 2018!