MK Nature Design read Bayart‘s blog post last week.  She is incredible.  She posted a letter of love that she wrote for herself.  Here is mine.

Hello Self!

You are phenomenal woman.  You face each day with courage and battle through your fears.  Some days you are weaker than others but other days you have the courage of a lion.  You face your fears every day and function as well as you can.  You paint and draw to calm the anxiety of your fears.  You are doing the elliptical which will help decrease your anxiety even more and help you to loose some weight.  You will be healthier and have a more positive attitude.  You are eating more vegetables, fruits and whole grains to better nourish yourself and you will loose some of that weight soon.  Your muscles feel sore because you have worked out.  You have a spurt of energy from the extra vitamins you are eating.  Go girl, GO!  You will survive!

PS.  I love you.


Write yourself a love letter today and post it on a wall or on your blog!