I had visitors from overseas this week.  And my Mom came down to see them too.  A joy!

I paused in my week for a visit from family from overseas.  It was so wonderful to see my cousins and their children.  My mother came down from up north to see them too.  Needless to say they all took over my life.  But what a joy!  Family is so important and makes us strong.  My cousins are here until Saturday so I won’t be going to my drop-in session.  They are going to Toronto and then Niagara Falls.  And then I see them again Friday afternoon.  Hopefully they’ll be able to meet the rest of my children.  We’ll see.

They are a wonderful distraction.  All though I had anxiety about driving I did relatively well and was rewarded.  It was supper from McDonald’s.  So I didn’t have to cook as I have been since Saturday!  Most of my family lives in Finland.  My mother and brothers live here in Canada though.  A very positive visit.

I also received a new book from Amazon.  It looks really good.  It’s called The Body Keeps Score.  Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma.  My body remembers but not my mind.  This book is supposed to be very good.  I’ll write a review once I’ve finished it.

Well that’s it for now.  Thanks for being there.  Remember that family is important.  At times they get in your face but their intentions are usually good.  Family gives me strength.

Never stop fighting.

Photo credit:  Pexels free photos.