MK Nature Design shows you her simple sketch of a Road in the Forest.  It’s just a quick sketch with watercolor.  I will be painting this sketch in watercolor one day but not right away!

MK Nature Design drew this sketch on a whim…just relaxing and sketching.  The thought of adding watercolor made it something new and worth doing.  To draw the eye I made the center a lighter color with more detail.  I left the foreground with little detail and darker to enhance the focal point, the center.  I was just having fun and practicing both sketching and watercolor.  I don’t usually do nature scenes.  However I used too much color.  I should have left some white in the painting.  On top of that I am practicing with my photography and uploading to wordpress.  The photo was too big.  So I saved it in a smaller format (only 600 px long) to see if it would effect the display on wordpress.  It did.  This is just a 6.5 x 10″ sketch so detail was a bit difficult.

Now I have a question for you!  If you were to buy art for your home, would you buy a a scene in the woods, a landscape or an animal or bird painting?  This will greatly affect my business.  My love of nature is animal or bird painting but if scenes in the woods and landscapes are what you prefer…I want to keep you happy!  Please reply!  Comment or like below, or like or share on Facebook.  You can also retweet on Twitter.  I usually blog on Saturdays around noon!