MK Nature Design is posting a better representation of her Orange Flowers watercolor painting that she posted today.  It’s to the left.  For some reason the camera made it darker.

Miriam is exercising and stretching more now to help with my anxiety.  This means that her muscles are sore.  After years of inactivity the going is hard.  Exercising has helped and given her more energy so she is doing more.  Painting more, reading more and posting more.  However she is soooo tired.  This exercise thing is good for me but I ache all over!  I need a day at the spa.  But this won’t happen.  I’ll just have to stretch more after I exercise.

I am reading about selling art and learning a lot.  I tried to run before I could walk with my business.  I have to get known first.  I think the best way for me to sell my art is to sell the originals and prints.  I will do this through Fine Art America I think but they have many artists doing the same thing.  Product with prints on them is just too expensive unless you buy in bulk.  This takes money.  I have used up all my savings trying to start my business so now I have to take it slow.  Courage is what I need.  I also decided to add $25 CAN to my fees to cover shipping and handling.

I am also learning about blogging.  I downloaded a workbook to help set me up and be more organized about my posts.  I’ve learned to write from the heart as much as I can.  My daughter recommended this to me.

My original post with the Orange Flowers watercolor painting from today is below.  Please read it if you missed it.  It talks about how I felt while painting it.  I should be keeping a journal of all my work.  It’s hard though to write in a journal and post about it on my blog!  I will have to get more disciplined about it though and start doing it! Enjoy!

Orange Flowers Watercolor

MK Nature Design is pleased to release her Orange Flowers watercolor painting.  The detail was painstaking but the painting helped soothe her mind.  She is pleased with the result.

I repainted this painting because I tried a new technique with the wash.  I added salt!  Well the first time I added too much salt so I had to redo the painting.  When you do a wash you put down a clear plastic paint over what you want to paint a different color.  Well this left small thin branches and I had to use my smallest brushes.  Good thing that I didn’t have too much coffee!  The detail on the flowers needed my smallest brushes too.  It’s worse than painting small model cars!  I am resigned to this work with watercolors!  The wash is not as uniform as I’d like it to be.  The paper was more wet on the left than the right so the salt made crystals to the right.  I was relaxed while painting and it healed my tattered soul and body.  I am exercising more and stretching.  My body is complaining so bending over my work was a bit difficult!  In the painting I used orange flowers because they are a complimentary color to the blue.  In addition they were darker than planned because the background wash was so pale.  I still have to learn how to do proper dark washes.  It takes courage and patience.  My camera made the blue and purple wash darker.  Not sure why.  I’ll have to figure that out.  I painted flowers again because people liked my previous ones.  Please tell me what you like and I will try to paint more of it.

As usual this Orange Flowers watercolor is available for purchase for $125 CAN unframed and $225 CAN framed.  I have added $25 for shipping.  I have no idea how much shipping will cost.  I accept credit cards and Paypal as payment.  Please contact me at  Enjoy!