MK Nature Design is now called Miriam K’s Art.  I will have to change facebook, twitter, my email and my logo!

I have been reading a book about art and selling by Cory Huff.  In it he says to use my name in the title of my business.  So I have changed my site name to Miriam K’s Art.  Miriam’s Art was taken.  I hope to set up a domain in that name soon.  I also have to change my facebook page, my twitter page, my email and my logo too.  So my business is in a state of flux.  Please forgive me for the confusion.  I have been confused whether I should be signing my art MK Nature Design or with my name.  So now it’s decided.  I will use Miriam K’s Art as my business name from now on.

I am learning slowly.  Youth is in learning.  So if I am learning then I am forever striving to be young.  It means that I am still alive and kicking!  Please forgive me for the confusion.