Autumn Leaves and Girl e 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Autumn Leaves and Girl watercolor painting.  It soothed her mind and soul to paint.  Enjoy!

The silhouette of the girl in shadows catches the viewers eye as does the white of the girl’s eyes in the darkness.  It adds a hint of mystery and mystic.  The dark reddish purple of the background contrasts well with the face and the leaves.  What is the girl thinking?

This painting was done during the Christmas rush.  It was a time of increased anxiety because I had more things to do.  More interactions with people brought added stress.  The painting helped but it wasn’t for very long because with watercolor you have to wait for the paint to dry.  So it wasn’t as soothing as pastel but I had been inspired to do watercolor and autumn leaves.  I am now doing a Nursing Mother watercolor painting.  The watercolor lends itself well to painting faces and skin.

The face was a challenge in this painting.  Getting the shades just right was important.  I went from light to dark as you can see with the WIP painting below.

autumn leaves and girl 500 pi

At times it was hard waiting for the paint to dry.  I could have used a hair dryer but that was too much and would have taken away from the joy of painting.  I could have added more detail but thought that it was just right.  What do you think?  Your opinion is greatly valued.

This painting is available on my website under the Shop button, then Portfolio and scroll down to the Go To Shop button.  It is listed as Watercolor (unframed) or Watercolor.

I am now painting a Nursing Mother watercolor.  Again the skin tones of the face and body will be interesting.  It’s because I am a grandmother now.  My daughter wouldn’t let me take pictures of her nursing so I sketched it and now am doing a watercolor.  The hands and arm will be a challenge too.  Then I’ll get back to the pastel painting I think.

Happy 2018!  May the year be good to you.  Courage my friend courage.  Remember even just a little half step forward is good.  And you may take two steps back until you take another step forward but the idea is to move forward in your healing.  To get better moment by moment and step by step!