I am pleased to announce a new unique nature design, the Black Capped Chickadee.  This is a pastel drawing done on paper.  This small sized bird is a common visitor to bird feeders in winter and can be found in Barrie, Ontario, Canada year round.  It has a unique call of chick-a-dee-dee-deeee.  That’s why it has it’s name.

Join the backyard bird count this weekend!  Time 15 minutes on a clock and watch the type of birds and the number of birds you see in your backyard or on your feeder.  It’s being done all over Ontario and maybe Canada.  Then go to www.birdcount.org and record your observations.  Later they will have a summary of what birds were seen.  This is so neat!  Start counting now!

You can buy a 16×20″ print of this drawing for $70.00 with free delivery, have it printed on a card for $5.00, a mug for $12.00 or a bookmark for $1.70.  T-shirts and hoodies are also available.  Prices are in Cdn dollars and payment is accepted via etransfers (in Canada), credit card or paypal.

chickadee black capped e