black cat n blue

MK Nature Design is pleased to release her first cat portrait with the Black Cat n Blue pastel painting.  This painting soothed Miriam’s mind and calmed her anxious thoughts as she painted.

This is the first cat portrait MK Nature Design has tried.  She would like to offer animal portrait paintings or drawings to people.  The fur is always a challenge and this didn’t turn out too bad.  She still needs more practice.  The painting soothed her on a very anxious day.  Her fears were dominating and for a little while she thought of something else which soothed her worried mind.  She was exhausted by the end of the day because of her anxiety.  It was a bad day.  The painting needs a bit more blending and value (which means shading) on the blue blanket but she is happy with it.

Please read the previous blog.  It’s about worry and anxiety and what you can do about it.  I posted it on Sunday around lunchtime so no one saw it.  Enjoy!

Please like my blog post if you are interested in animal portraits.  What kind of animal do you have and I’ll practice.  Maybe one day you’ll want a portrait of that special pet that you never want to forget.