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Miriam speaks of blocking out things and positive counter statements.  Slowly she heals.

I had an appointment and blocked out all of my fear.  I didn’t notice that it was there although it was there subconsciously.  I blocked it all out so that I could function normally.  The appointment was positive and I am doing better health wise with maintaining a better diet.  I still have things to do so that I can loose weight.  But walking is good!

When I got home I analyzed my fear and the blocking out event.  I am doing this to better understand when, how and why I block things out.  My anxiety/fear was moderate but it was still there.  Here is the form I am using now.

Blocked Out Thoughts 500 pi

So I am analyzing what I feel when I block things out.  For me it is fear.  And then I analyze the fear, belief in a negative statement and belief in a positive counter statement.  The positive counter statement helps to reduce the belief in a negative thought and the subsequent fear or emotion.  Slowly I heal.