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Miriam speaks of blocking out thoughts and having self-hating thoughts.  Slowly she heals.

The way I have survived from my bad experience as I child was to block it out.  Apparently this is normal for abuse victims.  Some of them don’t think of what they are doing.  Lately I have been reading and using that to block out everything.  I just follow the story and read as if my life depends on it.  A way to heal from this is to become aware of when you block things out.  So I have made a form to help me.  That will be my job for the next weeks.  I will notice when I am blocking things out.

spaced-out events 2

One also has thoughts of self-hate.  This form will help me to become aware of times of self-hate and what I am thinking.

self-hating talk

I plan to use this form in the up and coming weeks.  Slowly I heal.