blue flowers and orange WPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Blue Flowers and Orange watercolor painting.  Happy Easter by the way.    Blue Flowers is a series of paintings I am working on.  I had three relatively calm days in which to enjoy painting.

The blue of the flowers in the middle ground contrasts well with the orange watercolor wash in the background.    The blue of the flowers in the foreground is vibrant and jumps out of the painting.   Blue silhouettes of other flowers give the painting depth.  Can you see the beautiful flowers on your wall in your home?

I sketched this painting on a day of some stress.  I would say that it was medium stress.  Sketching soothed my mind and my anxiety.  Applying the watercolor wash was a challenge and interesting.  I forgot everything as I studied the wash as it dried.  Painting the next day came easily and I lost myself to my art.  However the anxiety of the previous days had tired me as well as my allergies.  But I still paint!

Applying the watercolor wash was interesting and I am getting better at it.  I could easily control the blue flowers in the background as I waited for the wash to dry a little bit.  The flowers of the foreground were easy to paint because I had brushes of the proper size.  This is a 12×16″ watercolor painting unframed or available framed (16×20″) if you wish.  I use Waterford paper with Da Vinci watercolor paints.

As usual this painting is available for sale please go to the Buy Now! tab above this post.

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