blue flowers and orange WPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to exhibit her Blue Flowers watercolor painting.  Enjoy!

The dark blue of the flowers in the foreground draw the viewer’s eye immediately.  The flowers are in sharp contrast with the purple orange wash of the background.  The faint shadow of other blue flowers gives the painting depth.

I had planned to paint a baby’s change table with a rabbit and a rat.  However we found that the acrylic paint peeled of the surface.  The surface of the drawers was a shiny white.  I have no idea what material it was.  Does anyone know what kind of paint should be used on furniture?  I would really love to paint this scene for my daughter.

I am torn about what painting I will do next.  I have been thinking of Christmas.  I have also been thinking of watercolor.  I will do a quick sketch and then do a painting.  I will keep you posted.

Happy Thanksgiving USA!