Blue Heron and Clouds

Art By Miriam is pleased to release her Blue Heron and Clouds watercolor painting.  It soothed her to paint.  She lost herself in the stillness of the lake and all her anxiety melted away, leaving her calm.

This is a painting of a blue heron in the middle ground.  The foreground is a lake with the heron and the clouds reflected in the stillness.  Do you feel that stillness?  Can you loose yourself in this painting.  It is a beautiful light blue with white billowy clouds in the background.  The painting is mainly light blue with the heron being two shades of darker blue.  There isn’t much value in the heron because it is mainly a silhouette.  It is accentuated by its dark image against the white clouds and the blue lake.

I was soothed by this painting.  Although I had to do it twice.  The first one was during a very anxious day.  Demons of today haunted me.  The next day when I redid the painting I was tired but patient.  It soothed me to be able to loose myself in the reflection of the lake and the stillness of that lake filled my soul.  I was at peace.  The haunting beauty of this image touched my soul.

As usual, this painting is available for purchase.  Framed or unframed.  Just email me at and we can make arrangements.  Please see the 2017 Price List for prices.  I would love to share the stillness of this painting with you.

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