MK Nature Design is excited to share her most recent pastel painting…Blue Heron!  It is a pastel painting on U-Art paper 400 series.  This painting will be hard to deliver unless it is framed!

The great blue heron is found as far north as Hudson Bay in Canada in the summer and as far south as Central America in the winter.  The year round range is the tip of southern Ontario straight across the northern States and all the way to the eastern shore of USA with a small projection south of the summer range under Lake Ontario.  The great blue heron is a large bird often confused with a crane.  It can stand as tall as four feet.  By the way, MK Nature Design uses the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Eastern and Central North America by Roger Tory Peterson.  It is the best field guide you can buy!

As usual prints of this painting can be purchased via credit card or paypal.  Contact me at 705 796 1840 or  My prices have changed because I will be exhibiting in galleries now.  The Price List can be found above.  The original painting is also available.  However I must sell the framed piece because shipping this painting with this paper unframed would ruin the painting!  Enjoy!

blue heron in tree I am still working on my dog portrait but practiced with the new paper to do this blue heron.  While I love nature, dog portraits might be the bread and butter of my business and I do love dogs and cats too!  Take care and talk to you soon.  If you wish to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you… below or on Facebook or on Twitter!