chestnut sided warbler 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to exhibit her 2014 Chestnut Sided Warbler marker drawing.  It was done at a time when my art really was healing me.  Marker drawing is much different from pastel painting.

The black eye of the warbler draws the attention of the viewer immediately.  The white of the belly contrasts well with the chestnut color on the side of the bird.  The draw markings around the eye and on the wings contrasts well with the general grey of the bird.  The white patch on the cheek and the yellow patch on the top of the head are distinctive.  It is the chestnut patch on the side that distinguishes this warbler from other warblers.

I drew this bird because I love birds.  I find them majestic and the smaller ones I find so fragile.  They have always inspired me to paint or draw them.

This is a drawing from 2014 when I first went on disability.  I wasn’t dealing with my anxiety in a direct way then.  I was just on medication.  It’s in 2017 that I have had counseling and am aware of my anxiety.  In 2014 I lost myself in my art but that at the same time was a healing process.  I was numb.  My mind was numb.  The art soothed my soul.

This drawing is done with markers which is much different from pastels.  Once you lay a color down with markers it is there forever.  There is also only a little blending with markers.  I used different colors for the different areas of the bird.

This is a 6×8″ drawing and is available for sale only through direct contact with me at if you are interested.