comparison-of-techniquesMK Nature Design compares three techniques for a dog portrait and would like your help figuring out which one is the best!

Here are three different techniques for a dog portrait.  The first one (1) is a graphite drawing.  The second is a pastel painting with U-Art paper (2) and the third is a pastel painting with Canson paper (3).  The graphite drawing (1) took the longest because layer after layer of graphite pencil had to be laid down.  The second (2) took the shortest time but was more expressive…it gave the artist more media with which to express herself…the application was more loose.  The third (3) done with pastel pencils was again more rigid and was less expressive.  In addition, the grain of the paper comes through.  I’m not too happy with this one.  Which one would you choose.  This could effect my business and what I offer each person as a dog portrait so please be honest and think about it!  Also the second technique was much more expressive and I may paint all my animal and bird paintings this way.  Please reply!