cougar 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Cougar pastel painting.  In addition she shows her Seagulls and Clouds pastel painting.  She also talks of her healing journey.  Enjoy!

I am sorry I didn’t post on Saturday.  My daughter had to borrow my computer for the weekend!  I have it back now.  Yahoo!

The goldish brown cougar magnificently perches on a branch.  Will he spring towards the viewer.  No one knows!

I also finished the cloud painting that I was having so much trouble with.

seagulls n clouds 500 pi

As you know a Facebook post inspired me to try this.  However I could not use the technique showed in the post.  I don’t know where that man obtained his eraser but it doesn’t exist in my town.  So I tried to use white pastel to highlight the clouds.  Then for more contrast I used black.  This is my first attempt at clouds.  The birds are done with acrylic paints and they give depth to the painting.

I have been reading more … that is romance fiction.  This has made me more aware of my surroundings.  I used to paint and not really consciously think of my surroundings and my illness.  I healed at times but I didn’t really think about it all the time.  Now I am more aware and can be more critical.  In addition my children and my home were enough to keep me happy.  Now I am reaching out to a good friend.  The circle of support around me expands.

I heard of a meditation technique today.  One should sit or lay down in a comfortable position.  Then the individual should take many deep breaths and concentrate on the breathing.  Do you feel the pulse.  Then they should concentrate on where there body meets the chair or couch and concentrate on that part of their body.  All the while breathing deeply.  Then one should expand one’s thoughts and think of the room that they are in.  Concentrate.  Then think of the house that you are in.  Concentrate.  Then think of looking down at your house from above.  Then think of being in the sky and looking down at your house.  Then think of being in space and looking down at your hemisphere.  Think of looking down at yourself.  Breath deeply.  Then think of being above your house and looking down.  Then think of being in the room and looking down.  Then think of the parts of your body touching the chair.  Then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 open your eyes.  And breath.

This meditation technique takes you out of the moment and out of your body.  Where you can think of other things than what is bothering you.  You are free of your body for a moment.