cream water droplets 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Cream Water Droplets pastel painting.  This painting was a challenge but a joy once it was done.  I am fascinated by the way water droplets reflect light.  Enjoy!

Sorry I didn’t post on Saturday because I was having issues with my computer.  It’s fixed now though.  Also I’m avoiding healing right now.  I read a book that scared me.  I have to deal with that first.

The dark value of each cream water droplet draws the eye and the eye continues to be enticed by the reflected light on top of the droplets.  The blue lines of the dandelion seed on which some of the droplets rest or dangle is a nice contrast to the cream droplets and background.  The great number of droplets makes this painting interesting and attractive to the eye.

This painting was done with joy at first.  It was a relief to be painting simple spheres.  But then the shear number of spheres made it a challenge.  That’s when I became anxious.  I stopped using the picture as a guide in the end and only added value as I knew it should be added.  Then the painting became a joy.  This painting is different from my usual animal portraits and the change keeps me interested and on edge!  I was challenged and therefore sometimes stressed but as the painting progressed it was pure joy.

This painting is approx. 12×18″ and is available for purchase.  Go to my website and click on the “Shop” button and then on the “Portrait” button.  It is available framed or unframed.  Shipping internationally is easier if it isn’t framed.