Art By Miriam (formerly Miriam K’s Art) is now speaking about her own personal anxiety.  I have posted two serious posts about worry and anxiety.  Now I speak of how I am using what I read in my personal life.

The anxiety I have chosen to write about today is expressway driving.  I made up two forms and am using them to help me deal with this anxiety.  The forms are below.

fear ladder


First I use the Fear Ladder to rate my fear.  My fear of driving on an expressway is about 8/10.  Now I think to myself, what small steps can I take to better prepare myself for driving on the expressway?  Now in city driving is fine for me but the big highways scare me with an expressway scaring me the most.  So some small steps are:

  1.  Drive on a big highway that isn’t an expressway for 1/2 an hour.      5/10
  2. Drive on a big highway that isn’t an expressway for 3/4 of an hour.  6/10
  3. Drive on a big highway that isn’t an expressway for 1 hour.   7/10
  4. Drive on an expressway for 15 mins.  8/10
  5. Drive on an expressway for 1/2 an hour.  9/10
  6. Drive on an expressway for 1 hour.  10/10

The negative self-talk I can remember is:

Self-Talk                                                                  Positive Counter Statement

You are going to crash.                                        Stay calm.  Drive carefully.

You can’t change lanes fast.                              Change lanes ahead of time.  Before you have                                                                                          to.

They drive too fast.                                               Slow down.  Stay calm.

My hands are sweating.                                       Stay calm.  Wipe your hands on your pants.

You’re getting nervous.                                       Stay calm.  You are calm, breathe.

I can’t meditate.                                                     Concentrate on your breath.  Concentrate on                                                                                           the road and obey the traffic laws.  Slow down!

So the plan is to go onto a major highway, counteract the negative talk with positive self-talk and practice, practice, practice.  Hopefully with time and practice I will be able to drive on that expressway.

I have other anxieties.  I have chosen this one because it’s not too personal.  Some of my anxieties are too personal to share.  I’m sorry.  My worst anxiety is that bad people will harm me.  It keeps me in some days and I am not able to function.

My art helps to calm me.  They say that even just coloring can calm and decrease anxiety.  So if you’re not an artist, there are a lot of adult coloring books out there.  It’s just a thought.

If you liked this post please like below or leave a comment.  If you have any suggestions on how I can decrease my anxiety I would love to hear from you.  Often talking about an anxiety is the first step to facing it and getting better.