I just realized as I sat reading that my customers so far have only paid $25.00 for an original drawing.  I want to keep the customers that I have found so I am facing a dilemma.  How do I price my art?  I have to start out small and grow my business and my name slowly.  Therefore I have decided to sell my original art for $25.00 unframed and $125.00 framed.  Also it will be $25.00 for original pet portraits unframed, $125.00 for original pet portraits framed and $13.20 for an 8×10″ print of a pet portrait.  I am sorry for any confusion I may have caused.  I have adjusted the 2016 Price List found under January 2016 on the right hand side of this blog accordingly.  The list of all my products with prices can be found there.

If I sell for such a low price, I cannot approach high end galleries.  This is fine with me for now.  I will build my name and my brand name and grow in popularity slowly.  I will go to art shows and show in smaller galleries that allow me to exhibit my work.  In April I will be part of the Barrie Spring Art Tour 2016 at the Barrie Art Club and hopefully  also in The Edge Gallery in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. in April 2016.