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Some people with mental illness have delusions.  Stories in their mind.  They are not real!  Please read further.

There is a mental illness known as delusional.  With this illness the person is caught up in delusions and hears voices in their mind.  Mental patterns occur in their mind that they believe absolutely to be real.  Like saving the world or a rich lover.  In their mind they go through scenarios which they believe real and sometimes actually talk to the characters that they see in their mind.  The delusion, for that is what it is, is so real to the person that they believe that they are living it.  Sometimes there is terror involved.  Fear of the unknown or just one person.  Sometimes people in real life can be portrayed within the delusion by a fabrication in the mind of the person that is ill.  However the delusions are not real.

Everything becomes relevant.  Every small action that happens in real life becomes relevant and pertinent to the delusional person.  They may laugh to themselves when there is nothing funny.  They will seem distracted, “not there”.  At times they won’t be able to hold a normal conversation with those around them because they are caught up in their delusion.  The extreme case is when they lose all sense of reality and become the delusion they believe in.  But the delusion is not real!

The delusion usually continues parallel to the reality which is the life of the delusional person.  They are usually able to function normally in their life with a parallel life that doesn’t usually disturb the real life of the person.  Except for them being distracted or rare outbursts where they laugh to themselves or say something or a phrase out of context.  The delusional person talks to themselves at least in private.  But often the conversations they have are going on in their mind.

If you believe that you have a psychic lover, male or female, who is rich and can save you from all your money problems or keep you safe, but who you have never met physically, you are in a delusion.  You may actually think that they talk to you but it’s all in your mind.  Seek medical help!  The help of a doctor or a psychiatrist!  If in your mind you battle a great evil to save mankind and are often distracted by the battles and ignore those around you to save mankind then you are in a delusion.  Seek the help of a psychiatrist.  Medication will help.  Test the delusion.  Stop listening to your inner voices and see what happens.  The world will not end.  You will survive.  It will take great courage to stop listening to the voices but you can do it!

It is possible to function in your everyday life if you are delusional with the help of medication.  The delusions and the voices will go away.  At first the voices will be strong in your mind.  But if you stop listening to them slowly they will go away as long as you take your medication.  However there may be a residual small unimportant voice that you hear when you are tired or stressed.  This one you ignore as well.  But it can at times produce anxiety and fear that you are slipping into another delusion.  You aren’t as long as you take your medication and remember that the delusion is not real.

Outside events may trigger the delusion to seem stronger.  Ignore it and it too will go away.  Say to yourself that it is me saying these things.  The people are not real!

How do you continue in life if you are delusional?  With courage.  Once you realize that the delusions aren’t real then you can work on the anxiety they may produce or in the case of an imaginary lover, work on real relationships to fill that void.  You can face your anxiety with positive counter statements that I have discussed before.  In the case of a delusion where you are saving the world from some great evil.  Mindfulness can also help to calm your mind.  Especially if you are anxious.  In addition, mindfulness can bring you back to the here and now and help you to ignore the delusions.  Look around and physically see what is real and not what you think is real.

However you also have to work on the underlying reason for the delusions.  I would recommend counselling.  Therapy is good in that it provides you with medication to help you with your illness.  Counselling however goes beyond and looks at the reason for your illness.  It might have been a traumatic event in your childhood, it might have been the loss of a loved one.  Some event in your past has caused the delusions and perhaps something in your recent past has triggered the memories.  You need the help of a counselor, often a social worker or a specific trained counselor for the trauma that you have experienced.  For example rape or death.  This combined with therapy, medication, will help you to heal.  Healing will take months and maybe years.

You will know when you have healed when you no longer hear the voice(s) in your head.

If you believe that you have a rich lover or that you are battling a great evil to save the world, know that you are in a delusion.  If you believe in this so strongly that you ignore your life to fulfill these goals, know that you are in a delusion.  Stop listening to the voices in your mind! Take 10 minutes.  Sit at home in a safe place.  Put on a timer.  Stop listening to the voices for ten minutes.  Did anything happen?  No!  I know.  Now put on the timer again and stop listening to the voices for 30 minutes.   Did anything bad happen?  No!  Phone your family doctor.  Tell him/her that you are hearing voices in your head and make an appointment to see him immediately.  If you can’t get an appointment today then phone the Crisis Line at 705-728-5044 or 1-888-893-8333 in Canada or phone 911 and explain your emergency.  You need immediate help because you are in crisis.  You believe in something that is not real.  Your belief in the voices can be lowered with the help of medication and the help of a psychiatrist and counselor.  Please don’t wait.  Call now!  Be strong.  Be courageous.  I know you can be.  Never stop fighting…

Photo by Sharon Garcia on Unsplash