MK Nature Design just discovered Dominique Browning who is an American environmental journalist.  She has also founded the Moms Clean Air Force, is an author and a column writer.  She follows in the footsteps of Rachel Carson.  She writes regularly for the New York Times and Time.

Dominique Browning will be the recipient of Audubon’s Rachel Carson Award later this month.  This is a national award (American) which honors American women that have greatly advanced conservation locally and globally.  They honor grassroots activists and leaders of national organizations.   They choose women who have shown “extraordinary commitment, energy and passion” in protecting and improving our world.

She is the founder of Moms Clean Air Force which is an organization interested in improving air quality and fighting against climate change.  It is an American organization of moms and dads worried about air pollution and their children.  Unfortunately there is not a chapter in Canada yet.  MK Nature Design is looking into the possibility of starting up a chapter in Canada!

Dominique Browning is also the co author of the children’s book “Every Breath We Take” that is written for children from 4 to 7 but can be used for any child interested in air quality and climate change.  This book is available on Amazon (.ca) and is highly recommended.

She wrote an article in the Woman’s Voices for Change where she discusses air pollution and mercury.  Air pollution is linked to cancer, breast cancer and the developing brain of fetuses, infants and toddlers.  Mercury is emitted from coal plants and rains down into our oceans and bioaccumulates in the fish which we then eat. Air pollution is also contributing to climate warming by acidifying the oceans.  Browning encourages mothers and grandmothers to become engaged and “noisy” citizens.  She discusses the importance of cleaning up the air pollution for our children and also of being a model for environmental activism to our children.  It is stated that we need strong job creating legislation to force industries to put in scrubbers and other things to control air pollution.  It won’t be done voluntarily.  Browning stresses that we have to support and protect the Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Agency in USA.    Moms Clean Air Force is involved in”letter writing, petitioning, phoning, office visits and twittering” politicians about clean air policies.

She has a monthly column on the website of Environmental Defense Fund.  She recently wrote about fighting for the MATS (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards) established by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  Canada has equivalent standards for mercury and other air toxics.  Power plants are the largest industrial source of mercury pollution and emit more than half of the range of air toxics, as well as sulfur dioxide and particulates.  If we decrease mercury emissions then we decrease neurological impacts in children.  If we decrease other toxic air pollutants then we decrease risks of cancer and other serious health effects.

In addition, she has a personal blog called Slow Love Life.  It is interesting and I would recommend following it.  She has a post about the Paris Climate Agreement that is interesting.  Another activist.  Another voice.  Interesting…

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