Donations that Art By Miriam would recommend are:

You can donate to the Canadian Mental Health Association at this link.  Scroll down the page to the donate section.

Cars can be donated to at this site.  They go to families that have mental health issues.

Donations for children to encourage them to explore art and music can be given to the The Dreaming Zebra Foundation.  To donate follow this link.

Lifewater is an organization that drills wells and offers education on sanitation in countries that have no drinking water:  Africa and Haiti.  It is a Canadian based organization.   Please click here to donate.  I donate to this organization.

An American organization that does the same thing is  Please click here to find their donation page and for further information.  I donate to this organization.

Marine Animal Rescue Team:  to help an entangled whale call 1-866-567-6277 and to help support the volunteers that do this dangerous and important work follow this link to donate. Scroll down to the middle, the Paypal button is on the right.  I donate to this organization.

I am also interested in Polar Bears International (  They use donations for research, education and outreach.  You can donate here.  Or you can adopt a polar bear on this page.

I am also interested in Snow Leopard Trust (  The organization protects the snow leopard with conservation programs in Asia with communities that live with the snow leopard.  Research is also conducted in the area.  To donate or to adopt a snow leopard go to this page.  I have adopted a snow leopard.  My money went to funding research and community outreach via conservation programs.

Another organization that I am interested in is Habitat for Humanity.  They provide shelter for people who are in need.  To donate your time in Canada please follow here.