Art By Miriam  (formerly Miriam K’s Art) is pleased to release her Duckling2 pastel painting for Easter.  She thought of those cute little yellow ducklings and Easter and came up with this painting.  Painting and rendering soothed her anxious mind.

In this painting you can see the yellow duckling in the middleground contrasted with the black water in the background and foreground.  I had thought to paint this on black paper but didn’t have any in stock.  The yellow hues contrast beautifully with the black charcoal.  The bright yellow and different shades of yellow beige add value and contour to the duckling.  The reflection of shades of yellow beige reflect the duckling beautifully.  The sparkles of beige in the water give the impression of floating.  The white waves give the impression of movement to the painting.

Even though the background and foreground is black I was feeling very positive as I painted this duckling the first time.  Easter is the first sign of rebirth and regrowth.  Spring is coming.  I painted with a light heart and a happy mood.  The first day I did have some anxious thoughts though and I lost myself completely in the yellows and beiges of the duckling.  I forgot all of my anxious thoughts.  I just painted.  The second day found me soothed by the blending and rendering of the colors.  I was at peace.  At one with my art.  After painting I realized that the eyes were not level so I had to redo the painting.  It wasn’t as soothing because I was painting it a second time.  I applied fixative and the snow was melting so a streak of wet water marked the paper!  However it dried alright.  The fixative removed all the detail in the fluff of the duckling so I had to do that over.  A trying time.  At first it was soothing but the second one was all work!  It turned out OK though!  I take my own photographs.  I had to get out my easel and photograph this properly to get a good image.  It was a lot of work too.  Such a simple idea ended up being a lot of work.  On top of that I may redo this duckling on black paper!

Technically I learned two things with this painting.  First how to add color to a dark edge.  I was experimenting and the fluff of the duckling came out quite well.  During this process I learned a second thing.  It is best to wear my pastel pencils down flat instead of pointed.  So the end is flat.  That leaves an edge you can make lines with.  It worked out quite well.  You can see a Work In Progress photo below.

duckling 2 1n2

As usual this painting is available in a 12×18″ format framed to 16×20″ with a mat.  The prices are the same for all paintings, $225 CDN including shipping for a framed painting and $125 CDN for an unframed painting (includes shipping).  I accept payment by credit card or Paypal.  Please email me at  I am trying to figure out how to get a Paypal button on my site.  That’s too much techno stuff for me but I might be able to succeed.  We’ll see.

Please forgive me I have changed my name once again.  I tried Miriam K’s Art and tried to google it but found a lot of different things coming up.  So I settled on Art by Miriam.  There is already an Art by Miriam on wordpress so the user name is artbymiriam101.  I read a book that recommended that I use Miriam’s Art.  That was taken so I have been playing around.  Too much though!  I am tired.  I have chosen Art By Miriam and my domain is

Please like my painting below.  It always makes me feel good to know that you appreciate my art.  Please also comment if you have the time.  Take care!