MK Nature Design is happy to announce the release of her Eastern Bluebird pillow for $40.00 Canadian dollars!  The pillow is a print of my pastel painting of the Eastern Bluebird.

The Eastern Bluebird is a common bird in Southern Ontario Canada and flies as far south as Florida for the winter.  It’s summer range in fact extends from Southern Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and the southeastern tip of Saskatchewan all the way to North Dakota and down to Texas and the north shore of the Gulf of Mexico in the USA.  The winter range runs from just north of Lake Erie through Indiana USA to Kansas and down to Central America.

The Eastern Bluebird is 7 inches (18cm) in height.  It has a rusty red breast and looks to be round shouldered when perched.  The female is duller than the male and has a white belly and rusty throat and breast.  The call is a musical chur-wi.  It is found in open country with some trees, on farms and roadsides.  It often nests in bird boxes.

There is a program in Ontario run by the North American Bluebird Society  (phone number 508-238-3087) where bluebird nest boxes are monitored.  You could get involved with that if you wished!  Call your local conservation authority or naturalist club.  In Barrie, Ontario, Canada that would be the Brereton Field Naturalists Club!   Their number is 705 726 8969. People are encouraged to construct, establish and monitor specific nest boxes for the Eastern Bluebird.

Please view the photo of the 14 x 14″ pillow below.  It is $40.00 Canadian.  Just leave a comment below on this blog, on Facebook or on Twitter and I will get back to you for your contact information.  Or you can email me at or phone me at 705 796 1840.  Payments can be made via Paypal, etransfer (in Canada) or credit card.  Hopefully you find this product interesting.  It would be a great gift for a woman (wife, mother or grandmother) and a unique nature gift!  Please show the picture to your friends.  Thank you!

Eastern Bluebird pillow