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Exercise can help anxiety and depression which are a few examples of mental health problems.  And it doesn’t have to be a full workout.  Enjoy!

It is a proven fact that getting out in nature in the fresh air and exercising can help relieve stress, depression and anxiety.  And it doesn’t have to be an all and out workout either.  Just a simple walk in the fresh air can help.  It releases endorphines and changes your mood by getting you out of what may well be contributing to your distress.

Endorphines are released when you exercise.  It’s often called a “runner’s high” and you are actually euphoric.  It affects your mood and your reaction to pain.  The more of a workout you have the more euphoric you are.

Don’t get me wrong a workout means different things to different people.  A person used to exercising has to work a lot harder to get to this euphoric stage.  Someone who is just starting to walk can get to this euphoric feeling by walking for an hour.  It doesn’t have to be a run that is hard on you.

Just taking a walk changes what we’re thinking about.  As does running.  It changes our perception of things.  It calms the mind on a stressful day.  And when we get back to our home we feel refreshed.  Able to better take on what that the world throws at us.

To make your exercise a habit start with one or two days a week.  Once you are regularly walking one or two days a week, add another day.  Try to walk at least an hour per day but if all you can do is half an hour then that’s good too.  Or you can run.  It’s up to you.

We are survivors.  Keep walking!  Keep running!



photo credit:  Bruno Nasciment on Unsplash