fluffy duckling wordpress

Art By Miriam is pleased to release her Fluffy Duckling pastel painting for Easter.  I am not usually commercial but sometimes can’t resist to share for an important day.  Isn’t it cute!

I worked hard on the proportions of the reflection and then on the fluffiness of the duckling.  The yellow, beige and brown feathers enhance the fluffiness of the duckling.  The foreground and background reflections in the water give the impression of floating on water.  The black background made it much easier to work on the fluffy feathers around the duckling.  Isn’t it cute.

I painted this bird at a time of internal reflection with stress.  I remembered a bad experience in my past and wrote about it, working through the anxiety.  The painting helped me calm down and process the new memories that had come up.  I was very anxious but forgot when I painted.

The new black paper made me worry about applying fixative but it dried OK and looks good.  Black paper shows pastel dust easily so I had to erase some of the dust off the background and foreground.  I could use light strokes of color with the black paper instead of working with a heavy black charcoal background.  This painting is much better than using a grey paper and painting the back black.

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