elephant wc 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show you her matting and framing abilities.  Enjoy!

Here I have framed an elephant watercolor.  It’s quite easy to matte and frame.  I have the choice of black, white, grey or a green matte.  It all depends on the frame.  I usually by a dark frame although you can get brown, white or even blue frames.  The matte color has to take into consideration the color of the frame.  I went to Michaels to buy this 16×20″ frame.  It cost about $100.00 CAD.  The matte I think is about $15.00 CAD for a large sheet.  It takes a special matte cutter to give you the nice bevel cut.  It’s hard on the back.  I framed two paintings today.  With pastel paintings you have to leave a gap between the painting and the matte because the pastel chalk tends to fall and may accumulate on your glass if you don’t matte it properly.  Enjoy!