MK Nature Design is concerned.  I have recently heard reports that Fukushima is still leaking into the sea causing pollution and affecting ocean wildlife with radiation.  In addition, if the forests in Chernobyl, Russia burn then the smoke from the fires is radioactive and a problem.

In 2011, nearly five years ago,we had the meltdown of Nuclear plants in Japan due to earthquakes.  Then there were large quantities of radiation that escaped into the Pacific Ocean.  Recently in Fukushima radiation has broken through an underground barrier and is seeping up to the surface states the Nuclear Regulatory Agency of Japan.  It is feared that this radiation may flow freely soon.  In addition, it is estimated that every day 300 tons of radioactive water enters the Pacific Ocean on an ongoing basis.  The radiation is reaching the West Coast of the USA.  Researchers have observed 110 new radiation contaminated sites on the West shore of the USA, the Pacific coast.  There is one highly affected site, 2500 km west of San Francisco.  It is still 500 times below the United States allowable level for drinking water and direct exposure, but the radiation is still there.

The radiation released from Fukushima is slowly finding it’s way into our food chain. It has been reported that there is an epidemic of sea lion death along the coast of California. Blue fin tuna has been found to be contaminated with radiation.  Read more about the signs that the West Coast is being impacted by Fukushima here.  However, fish off the coasts of British Columbia were not found to have the Fukushima Cesium in them.

In 2012 fish that Japan was selling to the USA was found to have high levels of radiation. Near the site of the Fukushima meltdown, a large group of beached dolphins were found. Their lungs were white which shows signs of radiation poisoning.  The National Science Museum of Japan investigated.  17 dolphins were involved.

A large field of radioactive garbage from Japan has started reaching the USA West Coast.

Nuclear radiation is here to stay.  The radiation will bioaccumulate up the food chain until the fish that we eat have levels of radiation in them.  Whether this level will exceed allowable intake of radiation will have to be seen.

In addition even forest fires in Chernobyl are now a health hazard to people in Russia.  You can find more about this in this article here.

Although there was an immediate impact of radiation at the time of the 2011 nuclear disaster in Japan, in 2016 we are beginning to see the effects on land on the West Coast and in marine mammals as well.  Nuclear energy is too dangerous, in my opinion, to be used lightly.  I think that renewable energy, solar, wind and wave energy, is where we should be investing as a country and as a continent.

In Canada today we are facing a new and different crisis.  A large wildfire has caused the evacuation of Fort McMurray, Alberta.  Approximately 80,000 people had to leave their homes.  They are in need of help and any donations to the Red Cross would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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