I would like to release my new nature design of a Great Grey Owl.  It is a pastel drawing on paper and the artist is MK Nature Design.

The Great Grey Owl can be found in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada, year round with irregular winter sightings in Southern Ontario.  It is the largest N American owl and very tame.  It is dusky grey and heavily striped lengthwise on its underparts.  It is round headed with short ear tufts and has a strongly lined face with yellow discs as eyes.  Its habitat is coniferous forests, meadows close by and bogs.  It often hunts during the day especially in winter.  For more information about the Great Grey Owl go to the Owl Foundation.

The original drawing of this Great Grey Owl can be purchased for $25.00 unframed and $125.00 framed (shipping not included).  Please contact Miriam at 705 796 1840 or mknaturedesign@outlook.com.  Prices are in Canadian funds.  Payment is accepted via etransfer (in Canada), credit card and paypal.

great grey owl