MK Nature Design would like to wish all the fathers out there Happy Father’s Day!  You are very special people and key in the well being of your children!  Congratulations on a job well done!  I have attached a nature painting of the American Kestral.  A smallish falcon that is found in Southern Ontario.  One gift idea for Dad is presented.  I also talk of a new type of two seater electric car that is available now.  Quite Sci-Fi! And there is a link for a solar powered boat.

The American Kestral is a falcon that measures 9.5 to 10.5 inches (24-27cm) and as such is the size of a large jay.  It has a rufous back and tail with a double mustache.  It is found in the open country, farmland, on wires, beside roadsides and in dead trees.  The distinct blue on its wings makes it easy to identify.  It’s summer range runs from Northern Saskatchewan to mid Quebec all the way down to almost the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  The winter range runs from  Southern South Dakota over to Southern Ontario and parts of Southern Quebec all the way down to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and the tip of Florida and down to Central America.

A new small electric, two seater, three wheeler car is available now for travel in the city.  It is like a three-wheeler motorcycle with a cab.  The second person sits in the back.  It’s top speed is 80 mph and goes from 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds.  An interesting new idea for the adventurous men out there.  For a photo and more information read this article!

India has predicted that they would be 100% electric cars by 2030 (Beta Minds).  In the same article it is stated that in the Netherlands a proposal has been presented to the Dutch parliament in which the sale of petrol and diesel cars will be banned starting in 2025.

There is even a solar powered boat that has been developed.  It is now sailing from California to Hawaii.  Check it out.

A unique nature Father’s Day gift would be the adoption of a bird with the Audubon Society.  Adopt a bird here.  Or call the Audubon Society at 1-844-428-3826.



american kestral