MK Nature Design would like to announce the release of her Harp Seal nature drawing in pastel.  Harp Seals are being clubbed to death at this very moment on the Canadian East Coast.  Please help stop this practice by sending an email with the link here.

Older seal pups that are not completely white are being hunted.  However, the sea ice is disappearing due to climate change and many are dying before they can be hunted.  The Canadian Seal Fur Trade is not sustainable and is being subsidized by the government.  Commercial hunters are what is hunting the seals.  Only 3% are Indigenous People.  Carino Processing Ltd. is the one getting subsidies for seal pelts and blubber with no market to sell the items.  They sell skins, hides and oil and are based in Newfoundland.  The company also sells cod liver oil.  Their primary industry is salt water fishing (95% of the time).  Well in my opinion they should stop hunting a stressed population of seal and keep to their cod fishing!  I understand that it is hard to make money but the seal should not be the one paying the price!

In 2013, 24 countries banned seal products except for when provided by Indigenous People.  Canada surely you can do the same.  The government is not listening to the scientists when they put a number on how many seals can be killed and the seal population, as I said, is under stress already.  For more information, follow this link.

Please help stop this cruel and inhumane practice!  Please send an email with the first link provided.

Please comment on my blog if you agree or disagree.  I would like to hear your comments.  This is an issue I care deeply about and would really love to hear your comments either through this blog, through facebook or twitter.  Please comment but first please send the email!

seal harp