Miriam K’s Art is concerned about the BC trophy hunt for grizzly bears.  The grizzly is facing stresses from climate change, food chain disruption, train and automobile accidents and encroachment of their habitat.  The added stress of the BC trophy hunt is unnecessary and the grizzly bear should be protected.  It’s population has declined and therefore they should be protected.  There is nothing more majestic than a grizzly bear!

A live grizzly bear is worth more money to the province than a dead one.  Tourism is on the rise to see and photograph a grizzly.  Each year 300 to 400 bears are killed.  There numbers may be as low as 6,000 falling from a reported 35,000.  This is due to encroachment, climate change, food chain disruption and hunting.  The bears are at a high risk to decline in numbers.  A recent scientific study suggests that the bears are being over-killed.  Grizzly bears are an integral part of the ecosystem where they live bringing about a balance in the number of their prey.  A ban on the trophy hunt is generally supported.  Trophy hunters take the head, paws and hide, and leave the rest of the bear in the woods.  Most First Nations Tribes, BC residents and tourists agree that a ban on the trophy hunt should take place.  Please support the BC trophy hunt ban and sign the petition below.

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A grizzly bear is a mammal that is an omnivore.  This means it eats both fruits and vegetables and meat.  It is 5 to 6 feet long and can weigh 800 lbs.  It’s average lifespan in the wild is 25 years.  It is a North American subspecies of the brown bear.  They are usually solitary except for the mother that stays with it’s cubs.  Also you may see many bears together fishing for salmon which they eat to get fat for the winter.  They hibernate in the winter in dens.  This is when the mother has her cubs.  Even though they are big they are quite fast and have been clocked at 30 mph.  In the USA grizzlies are protected by law but in Canada they are hunted.

Watch a grizzly playing in the river on this page.

More information from Pacific Wild about the BC trophy hunt can be found here.

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