MK Nature Design deals with anxiety on a daily basis.  In this blog she discusses ways that people can practice dealing with their anxiety and slowly get better.

Essentially the idea is to rank your fears in order of strength.  The worst fear you should put on the bottom of the page.  Then with each fear you write down things you could do gradually to ultimately face that fear.  For example if you fear dogs.  A first step would be to look at pictures of dogs, then to see dogs far away in the distance, then to see a dog in the park on a leash, then to see a dog in a room on a leash and then finally to pet a puppy.  The person then takes each action and exposes themselves to that action repeatedly until they fear less.  So a person has to grade their fear from no fear, 0, to the worst fear they can imagine, 10.  As they expose themselves to the first gradual fear, they should rate their fear from 0 to 10.  They should repeatedly expose themselves to the fear and rate themselves until it is rated at 4 or 5.  Then they can proceed to the next step in their journey to facing their fear, ie petting a dog.  If their fear comes back, they can go back one step and start all over again.  In this repeated way their fears will slowly diminish.

Of course, you should be writing everything down and keeping a record.  The first record should list the goal up top and then list the steps to reach that goal.  Each step should be rated from 0 to 10 and the main goal should be rated from 0 to 10.  Start with the step of the lowest fear rating.  A second record would be for facing the fear.  The date, the fear you are facing, the fear rating (0-10), the beginning and end time, the length of time, the place or address and what you learned would be important.

Anxiety or fear can be alleviated by facing that fear gradually and repeatedly.  But first steps to face the fear have to be established with the first one being an attainable fear that is less than the main fear.   With a gradual increase in the fear rating, the main fear can be faced one day.  Courage to all facing their fears on a daily basis!

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