hummingbird and water droplets 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Hummingbird and Water Droplets pastel painting.  Today has been a stressful day and fussing over the painting has helped.  Enjoy!

I finished the painting today.  I didn’t think I would.  I have copied the post from this morning.  You can read it below.  Facebook was experiencing difficulties so the Facebook group didn’t get my post.  Therefore it is below.  And below I speak of technique as well and the reason why I painted this painting.

I finished it!  I am quite pleased.  As I thought the different paper which requires a different technique went well with the luminescence of the water and the droplets.




hummingbird n water droplets WIP 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show you her Hummingbird and Water Droplets WIP (work in progress) pastel painting.  It was painted at times of relative calm.  Enjoy!

The different paper (U-Art 400 series) lends more to a blending of colors that I thought would best portray the luminescence of the water and the water droplets.  I haven’t painted in the smaller water droplets yet that will come later.  I love the look of the hummingbird.  I still have to work the whole painting.  The waters not quite right and I have to add some defining touches to the bird.  But I am enjoying it.  The reason I am painting this particular image is because of the luminescence on the water and the droplets.  They have always intrigued me and now I try to put that awe onto paper.  I hope that I’ll be successful.

I could have rushed to have this ready for Saturday posting but then thought better of it.  So here you have the WIP photo.  I will post the finished photo when the painting is done.  I was too busy doing my warriors mask and redesigning my sword and shield.  LOL.  But you can’t rush art.  I would have ruined the painting.

Using 400 series U-Art paper takes more pastel chalk.  It takes a lot more because the surface of the paper is rough.