Miriam K’s Art (formerly MK Nature Design) is pleased to release her Humpback Whale Pastel painting.  It soothed her mind and anxiety to paint with pastels.

I do my pastel painting upstairs in my studio (spare bedroom).  Being in a different room for a while is a change and soothes the mind.  It is quiet.  There is no noise.  It is soothing.  Pastel can be laid down quickly and then blended into the paper.  Blending is soothing as well.  However since I moved my easel upstairs I paint more quickly and don’t relax as much.  I feel like I should be downstairs.  Before I used to paint with my easel set up at the dining room table.  Then I could loose myself in the painting for hours.  Now I paint for an hour maximum upstairs and feel pressured to be downstairs to take care of the dogs.  So my paintings aren’t as good.  In addition I added fixative to this painting and lost some of the white detail.  I am not as pleased with this work.  I am however relieved to be pastel painting again.  I missed it!

The humpback whale is hunted by fisherman, mainly in Japan.  It is hunted for it’s oil and it’s meat.  They were endangered as numbers were decreasing but now they are off the endangered list.  They are known for their haunting song and for propelling themselves out of the water.  They feed off krill, plankton and small fish and are omnivores.  They are about the size of a bus.  To Miriam they are mystical creatures impressive in their size and grace in the water.  They are also intelligent and use echos of sound to communicate and to navigate.  Miriam wishes for you a whale…to see one would be phenomenal but it is known that the tourist boats stress out the pregnant mothers.  So MK Nature Design will have to time her whale watching to a specific time…if she ever gets the chance!

As usual, this pastel painting can be bought for $125 CAN unframed and $225 CAN framed. Prices include shipping.  I use credit cards or Paypal.  Just email me at  I use a dark brown wooden frame with a black matte.  Enjoy!

Please like my work.  It really makes me feel good to know if you like my work.  It also helps me to know what style or what animal is liked and then I can paint something for you specifically.  Enjoy!