I would like to show you my Humpback Whale nature design.  It is a pastel drawing on paper.

Humpback whales are mammals and cetaceans.  The female humpback whale is 45′ to 50′ (13.7 – 15.2m) long and weighs 25 – 40 (22,680 to 36,286 kg) tons.  Whereas the male is slightly smaller.  The life expectancy is 45 to 50 years.  The habitat is the polar to tropical waters including Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific oceans as well as water around Antarctica and Berring Strait.  During migration they are found in the coastal and deep oceanic waters and are mostly isolated.  Two groups are found in the N Atlantic and two groups in the N Pacific.  Seven isolated groups are found in the southern hemisphere.  They summer in temperate and polar waters for feeding and winter in tropical waters for mating and calving.  They migrate 3-9 mph and travel over 3000 miles (5000 km) during each migration with no rest along the way.  During migration they cover over 1000 miles/month.  They have worldwide protection status by the International Whaling Commission (1966) but large illegal kills by the soviets occurred in 1970’s.  It is now believed that there are 30,000 to 40,000 humpback whales which is 30 to 35% of the original population.  I don’t know if they were being slaughtered by the Japanese in recent illegal whaling, do you know?  If so please leave a comment.

humpback whale2

As always the original drawing is available for $25.00 unframed and $125 framed (shipping for unframed not included).  Or you can buy a beautiful tote bag for $22.50 or a card for $5.00.

Sorry, I am a bit late in posting today.  I stayed up late reading a Nora Roberts book The Next Always (Book one of the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy)!  Again Nora Roberts descriptive style is phenomenal.  Of course it is a romance with a little bit of a thriller.  Quite a good book actually.  I also took time off and drew a portrait of Leonard Dicaprio last week.  I chose him because he won the Oscars and had such an important speech about climate warming and the Indigenous People. Climate warming is real and we have to be serious about it since there will be flooding, droughts, and human hardship.  It is a human rights issue as well as a climate issue!