snow leopard face 500 pi

It’s International Snow Leopard Day!  I take a moment to talk about the snow leopard who is endangered due to farming, subsequent hunting and habitat encroachment.  Please take time to think of the snow leopard.

The status of the snow leopard now is just vulnerable.  But that is due to not sufficient data to know exactly how many snow leopards exist.  Some researchers believe that they should still be categorized as endangered.

For a recent article about the snow leopard see the post by The Jaguar.  For even more information about the snow leopard go to Snow Leopard Trust where they have general information and also sell wares from farmers to encourage living in harmony with the snow leopard.  Farmers are encouraged to make money buy selling their wool rather than killing snow leopards illegally.  You can buy their wares at this shop.  You can donate to help research about snow leopards at this link or you can even adopt a snow leopard.

I have adopted a snow leopard and my money went towards research to understand them better to protect them better.  The snow leopard is my totem animal.  It is something that I feel a strong kinship with.  I have even designed a symbol for the snow leopard.

celtic snow leopard totem double 500 pi

It is a snow leopard in a Celtic design.  The snow leopard inspires awe in me.  It is such a powerful and magnificent creature.  A smart and cunning hunter.  With a wild beauty.  An magnificent animal that is worth protecting.  Enjoy!