Nursing Mother 500 pi

Happy International Women’s Day!  I reflect on what being a woman means with joy and sadness.  Enjoy!

What does it mean to be a woman.  The very essence and the very core of a woman is her status as a mother.  She is biologically chosen to procreate and yet has the honor of that intimate connection with her offspring.  That intimate bond that no other human can have with her child.  She carries her child for nine months.  The baby knows her heartbeat and is connected physically to their mother.  Giving birth is a miracle.  It is like running a marathon, pain included, but is still a miracle.  A new soul, a new spirit.  We, as mothers, have such a responsibility to that new being for we shape it’s very existence, it’s soul, it’s spirit.  The child we nurture is dependent on it’s mother, us, for it’s survival but also for it’s mental health and well being.  A child is so vulnerable.  So trusting.  So cherished.  There is no other greater work in the world than that of a mother.

Sadly there is a negative flip-side to this healing and nurturing profession.  And that is that women are often the victim of molestation or rape.  The very essence that defines the most important part of our being, makes us the most vulnerable to men who are mentally ill.  Why is it that in times of stress and conflict, such as war or when men feel threatened, that the woman becomes the victim of their sexual greed.  Why is it that we are often the victim.  Often the weaker and exploited.  It is time to stand up for we all have a voice.  It is when we make others aware of our plight that we become empowered and if we stand together we can change the world.  Speak out about your sexual abuse.  Talk to a trusted friend, a priest, or a professional.  It is only in speaking out that we have any chance of avoiding the aggressor and of healing.  Don’t suffer in silence!  Speak!

And so I bring back the conversation to the joy of being a mother.  Women are often healers as well as mothers.  It is the nurturing instinct in all of us.  The empathy that we feel for fellow human beings is far greater than a man can feel.  That is our nurturing instinct.  It is an honor to be a mother.  An honor to care for that little human being that is a miracle.  And yes there are women who abuse the trust and tarnish the honor.  But the majority of women nurture and cherish that little miracle that is born of them.

If you have never had a child and are thinking of it, I recommend the experience wholeheartedly.  However it is a major responsibility.  With your nurturing and special care you create either a solid human being who can stand up to life or a child who suffers.  That child is directly dependent on you for it’s survival.  Not only it’s biological survival but also it’s mental survival.  You will shape that little human being into something that is strong or something that is weak and perhaps flawed.  It is up to you.  There are many varying shades to the child and the child is directly dependent on it’s environment as he or she is growing up.  Biology and genetics play a big role but so does the environment that the child grows up in.  We all do the best that we can but know that that child’s mental health and stability is directly dependent on how he or she is brought up and how well protected he or she is from the evil that exists in our world.  Sadly that evil does exist.  It is our job as a mother to protect our child from all that can harm him or her.  It is a great responsibility.

And so I congratulate the many mothers out there who have children that are happy and compassionate.  That I believe is the greatest indicator of success as a human being.  To be happy and compassionate towards other human beings.

A mother needs to be patient, consistent and strong.  Stay patient!  Stay strong for that little being that is a miracle that is known as your child!  Enjoy!