Lioness and cub 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Lioness and Cub pastel painting.  It was painted at a time of joy but also of sorrow.  Enjoy!

The tawny brown eyes of the lion cub immediately draw the eye of the viewer.  He sits below his mother’s face.  The brownish gold of the lion cub contrasts well with the light gold of the mother’s face as well as the darker brown.  The mother stares into the distance perhaps watching for dangers to her young.  The green grey background contrasts well with the lioness and the cub.

This painting was done with joy.  Joy in the fact that I am a grandmother.  Celebrating the joy of birth.  However as you know it is finishes at a time of sorrow.  My cat Echo is no more.  He was too sick.  The joy has fizzled.  Although a picture of my grandson helped ease my sorrow.  Life is precious.  Enjoy it and those around you while you can!

The background was a challenge.  I mixed three colors:  dark green, grey and beige.  The result is interesting.  I bemoan the fact that I still don’t have the proper brown for a lion or for a bird for that matter.  However the medium brown of the cub comes close.  I should have used that for the mother!  I didn’t get it out until the end of the painting.

I plan to do more mother and child painting in the future.  Some of it human.  Enjoy!