lion mother and cub 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to show her Lioness and cub WIP pastel painting.  She is taking a day off today.  Enjoy!

Here you can see a bit of how a pastel painting is done.  Pastels are like a chalk.  You can layer more than one color at a time as in the background.  Or you can use sticks or pencils to make actual lines as in the lioness’ face.  You can also change the color of the paper however I tend to use grey.  It’s not often that I’ll buy a different color.  The eyes are the most important part when painting an animal.  They draw the viewer in.

I am taking a break today.  I’m reading a romance and taking care of my cat Echo.  He is sick.  I even had to help him use the litter today.  But he’s complaining today.  And he ate yesterday and had water today.  So I think that he’s slowly getting better.  I hope so!  I love the Old Man!  I should be reading one of my two healing books but it’s been a bit much lately.  Going to the drop-in sessions is hard.  It makes me think.  Plus I have to overcome my anxiety to get there so it’s very tiring.  My mind is tired.  I’ll see if I go this week.  So I’m reading a romance.  I love romances.  I can hold Echo as I read.

It’s recommended that you listen to your body when you are depressed or have anxiety.  It’s alright to take a day off every once in a while.  I try to take Sunday’s off to relax.  But today I did some errands and then I just got tired.  So I listened to my body and relaxed while reading.  I am tired and recognize the fact so I am taking steps to relax.

The reason that I am painting a lioness with her cub is that I am a grandmother now!  Hallelujah!  And what a miracle it is.  So I am inspired to paint mothers with children.  I might do another watercolor of a human mother and child next.  I have to sketch it first though.  The painting soothes my tattered soul.  Slowly I heal…never stop fighting!