leopard snow e LRMK Nature Design is excited to soon be releasing her new Long Snow Leopard Silk Scarf!  The price is only $50 CAN.  It is printed with her unique nature design Snow Leopard, shown here.

The Snow Leopard is an endangered species who lives in the mountains of China and India. It is threatened by loss of habitat due to encroaching farms and will soon be threatened due to drought caused by the drying up of mountain streams due to glacier melt and climatic warming.  MK Nature Design is concerned about endangered species.

The Long Snow Leopard Scarf is a 70×24″ (175x52cm) silk scarf printed in China.  The unique nature design, Snow Leopard, is a pastel painting done by MK Nature Design.  She then took a picture of her painting, enhanced it with Photoshop and emailed it to a printing company in China.  The company is Hangzhou Fy Textile Digital Printing Co., Ltd. located in Zhejiang, China.  The scarves were printed then delivered to MK Nature Design via UPS.  It took about a month for the scarves to be printed and delivered!  Now MK Nature Design is waiting for Etsy to approve the manufacturer for her Etsy shop MK Nature Design.  Once the manufacturer is approved MK Nature Design can release the scarf!  The link to her Etsy shop will be with the Gallery Link above once the shop has been set up.  For now you can view the original nature design for the scarf here.  I will keep you posted!

If you would like to preorder this scarf please comment below or on Facebook or on Twitter!  You can reach me at mknaturedesign@outlook.com or 705 796 1840.  Payments are accepted through credit card or paypal.  Later payments will be accepted through Etsy.  Enjoy!