MK Nature Design is pleased to release her Lynx Watercolor along with an In Progress photo.

While this painting was soothing to the mind it was frustrating to wait for each layer and color to dry before I could move on to the next.  This is what it’s like to paint watercolor.  It takes patience.  I tried not to put too much detail into the wood except for where it was close to the  lynx.  I hoped to draw the eye to the lynx.  I think the logs do this.  I am happy with the painting and relieved that it is done.

I paint watercolors in my living room where I can spend the time easily.  I go from painting, to reading, to my computer and to my TV.  Everything is close at hand.

The lynx can be found in Canada, Europe and Asia.  It is a solitary medium sized cat and it is not considered a big cat because it doesn’t roar.  It has beautiful thick fur and hunts at night.  They are skilled hunters with excellent hearing and eyesight.   The tufts on their ears are hearing aids.  Their preferred food is the snowshoe hare but they do eat mice and squirrel too.  The bigger Eurasian lynx eats deer and other small mammals.  The Iberian lynx is endangered in the mountains of Spain.

As always, you can purchase this painting for $100.00 CAN without frame and $200.00 CAN framed.  I use a dark brown wood frame with a black matte.  Prices don’t include shipping.  Payments can be made by credit card or Paypal.  Just email me at