hummingbird logo

I have accessed my wordpress.org site www.miriamsart.com.  Now I am posting to see if my wordpress.com followers have migrated or not.  Please like below to show that you are receiving this email.  It has been a bit painful doing things.  Instead of telling me how things were done I had to switch back and forth and “discover” where things were!  Here is my new logo.  My daughter is working on a better one but for now this one will do.  It is a ruby throated hummingbird colored with markers.  I did it in 2014 and it is my first drawing/painting that I have done since 1984.  It is the first drawing that I did while being on mental illness disability.  Drawing then really helped me quell my fears but I didn’t deal with them.  It is only recently when I got in touch with a counselor that I am facing my fears and trying to deal with them.  Enjoy!

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