MK Nature Design speaks about mindfulness and anxiety.  Mindfulness is the stilling of the mind and the concentration on your breath where you watch your thoughts drift by as if you are sitting on the bank of a river.  Sometimes you may wish to jump in and flow with the thought but ultimately you end up back on the bank of the river.  You simply watch your thoughts drift in and then out.

I found mindfulness training very important.  As we practiced being mindful I found that an experience from childhood kept coming up in my thoughts.  This event happened over fifty years ago and I have not spoken of it often.  In fact mindfulness made me realize that I had to speak of it because I could not still my mind.  The event kept popping in.  So I talked with a counselor for the first time.  It was very tiring.  I was exhausted after that half hour session.  Since then I have been talking to a counselor about it and it has helped.

I have used the mindfulness since then when I feel anxious.  Mindfulness has allowed me to watch my thoughts drift by as I think of my breath and concentrate on it.  I have become an observer instead of fearing my thoughts.  I am detached and can now watch them like an observer instead of experiencing them fully.  So while one concentrates on their breathing, a thought pops in and the person watches it and it then leaves.  There is stillness for a while and then another thought will drift by.  The person watches it and then it too passes by.  So you have become an observer rather than someone who fears the thought.  You can now look at the thought more objectively and think of what it means and why it is there.

Mindfulness is a great tool for anyone who experiences anxiety.  The training I took was called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  Google mindfulness and I am sure there will be someone in your city offering a course.  It has freed me of my greatest suppressed fear and has given me the courage to face it.  Try it, you won’t regret it!

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