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Miriam speaks of her healing journey.  She is distracted by family and her usual routine is disrupted in a good way.  Please forgive!  Slowly she heals.

I feel that I haven’t made much progress but I am slowly healing.  I am not reading The Courage to Heal unless I have to.  I talk to my counselor every second week and that’s when I read the book.  I’ll try to read some today.  In addition it is birthday month in my house.  Two of my daughters have birthdays in October which means people coming over and me going for a walk later than usual.  I had family over and it was alright.  Last year I was too anxious for people to come over.  I am better now.  Slowly I heal.

We also went walking later than I usually do.  I was tired and try to run errands and such in the morning.  We walked in the late afternoon.  That put me out of my comfort zone which was a good thing.  I survived although I was anxious about driving in traffic.  But it was enjoyable being with family.  It was enjoyable being in nature.  I actually relaxed enough to relate to my family and enjoy the companionship.  Although I was quiet.  I enjoyed listening to the banter.  Slowly I heal.

Take the time to go out in nature.  Take the time to notice the fall colors.  It is beautiful out there as nature takes a moment to pause before the extreme weather of winter.  Enjoy the beauty.  Get out in nature.  Do it!