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Miriam speaks of her healing journey.  She is scared to remember.  And therefore does not heal.

I am at a place in the Courage To Heal Workbook where I have to read about remembering my childhood.  My counselor advised me not to spend too much time with this section.  That I had remembered enough.  I have been reading a romance novel all week avoiding my workbook.  I can’t even pay my bills today.  I just want to read the novel.  So thank you for being there.  Writing this post has made me realize that I have to read the section on remembering today to be able to function normally.  So I’ll do that right after this post.  Then I’ll be able to heal.

I did my warrior’s mask over again.  The Inca inspired mask was just too ugly.  Even my dog was scared of it!  The new Celtic design is below.

warriors mask 500 pi

The design between the eyes is the Celtic symbol for wisdom.  The design to the left of the nose is the Celtic symbol for strength.  The design to the right is the Celtic symbol for inner strength.  And the two designs on the forehead are the Celtic knot that symbolizes three trios:  earth, air, water; mind, body, soul; and past, present, future.  It’s energy is for protection, eternal love and unity without end.  I need a lot of inner strength, strength and wisdom to face my fears.  The mind, body and soul are involved.  And I need protection while doing it.  That’s why I chose the symbols that I did.

Now I am going to light my candle.  Read my Courage to Heal Workbook.  And then have a cup of hot tea with milk.

Until next time…