MK Nature Design wants to tell her readers what has been in her mind about this blog, her art and her life.  My name is Miriam.  I am an artist and a biologist.  I also suffer from anxiety.  So much so that I am on disability now trying to survive.  My art and writing are helping to ease my anxiety.

My art has soothed my soul and I thought that at the same time I might be able to sell my art and add to my income.  To start a business you need a following.  People who know you.  A way to do that is to write a blog. So I began writing this blog.

Since I am a biologist I thought that I could write about environmental issues as well as post my art.  I am passionate about my art and about the environment.  However I am not a person who would go out and demonstrate against government policies.  I do sign petitions though.  So I don’t think that I am a true environmentalist.  Let it be enough to say that I am a biologist.  I am also passionate about nature and the welfare of animals.

Someone has told me that I should write from the heart.  To be open about my life.  That is why I write now about my anxiety.  I am anxious about going out in public to do routine things like grocery shopping.  I am scared that I will be harmed by bad people.  To calm myself I meditate, draw or paint and just recently have started exercising.  I am in therapy to alleviate my anxiety.  It has been a long struggle and has been worse lately.  My counselor has recommended some books to me.  One is helping me to exercise more and another seems to be making things worse before they get better.  That one I read only when I have great courage.  It unsettles me to have to face my fears.

When I draw or paint I loose myself in the drawing or painting.  It is very therapeutic.  Lately I have tried a new technique with pastels and the paintings aren’t as good as my previous work.  With practice they should get better.  I have also been drawing more and doing more watercolor painting.  Art soothes me and calms me.

Why write?  I find that writing soothes me as well.  It releases the anxiety and the tension I feel about things happening in my life.  So it may be therapeutic to write about my anxiety. Writing about nature and the environment are a distraction and I loose myself in the writing.

Therefore my art and my writing are very therapeutic.  They both calm me and help me with my anxiety.  I will blog about my art, nature, the environment and my anxiety.  Perhaps I can help others deal with their anxiety with this blog.  I don’t know.  All I know is that I need to write and I need to paint or draw.  I am taking a chance and sharing all of this with all of you.  Hopefully this blog will have some meaning to you and add something of value to your life at the same time that it helps to heal me.  Only time will tell.