celtic dagger MK

Miriam speaks of her healing journey.  I have been guided to design my weapons for battle in a story about myself where I battle evil.  It is therapeutic and symbolic.

Above you see the dagger that I have designed using a Celtic dagger as a guideline.  In my story of me battling evil the first weapon I needed was a dagger for the evil came creeping in at night.  I have also designed a snow leopard totem in Celtic design.  Shown below.

celtic snow leopard totem double 500 pi

The original design used a wolf but my totem animal s the snow leopard so I designed this with a snow leopard in mind.  Next came the sword and shield.  Shown below.

celtic collage shield n sword MK 500 pi

This is all symbolic of my inner battle against what happened to me in my childhood.  I feel stronger having designed these weapons.  Finally they are done!  I have designed a warrior’s mask but it isn’t finished yet.  It has an Inca flavor to it but with Celtic symbols on it.  I may post that tomorrow.

Forgive me I didn’t post yesterday.  I usually post Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Yesterday I had computer problems.  An IT Tech took over my computer for most of the afternoon and fixed it.  I was so stressed out!  I couldn’t handle the stress so I read and watched television.  I was exhausted by the time I went to bed.

It’s funny.  I was very scared when I was walking on a forest path.  My counselor explained that I was very scared when I was a child.  So I now walk on a less secluded path but today, after I was afraid for a moment due to inner demons, I was worried that a bear might come onto the path.  It was early in the morning.  So if I’m not scared of my inner demons my mind finds something real to be scared of next.  Will I ever be calm?

I still have to write more in this story where Miriam faces an evil Celtic goblin now.  I have to describe him as a Celtic goblin in the story.  It was symbolic that in my story I didn’t face the evil just once but repeatedly.  It’s my memories trying to show through.  Slowly I heal.

Until tomorrow…